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School Food Menu Choices

Smiles Better at cooking up a broad and varied menu.

We know you take pride in your menus and we understand that creating interesting, varied meals on a weekly cycle is no easy task.

To make choosing the right meals easier, why not ‘try before you buy?’ We are happy to come to your school and cook a selection of your preferred products, so you and the children can see first-hand how they are prepared, presented and crucially, how good they taste.

At Eric Twigg School Foods we help catering managers identify appetizing school-approved dishes that meet current legislation. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and we can help select healthy menu choices that will keep your children smiling.

Eric Twigg School Foods customers can access training courses run by our suppliers. Delivered by a registered nutritionist, these seminars provide more detailed information about a vast range of subjects, from menu analysis to allergen awareness.